About Emma

On April 25 of 2014, Emma Dorothy Greenspan made her way into this world.

Emma was born with a heart condition, prolonged QT which we have always referred to as her “special heartbeat”. Emma spent the first two weeks of her life at Children’s Hospital, her special heart beat responded well to the prescribed Beta Blockers, allowing her to come home. After her parents, Adam and Kristin, received CPR training at the hospital and purchased an AED, Emma went home to live life — with just a few precautions.

In the 7 1/2 years that Emma lived, she truly LIVED life. There is comfort in knowing that Emma intuitively understood that her life may be more fragile than others, and that she may not have as much time on this earth as others. So, when we say Emma lived life, man did she live life. Every moment was appreciated, every hug embraced, every conversation valued, every relationship cherished, and every step enjoyed.

Emma’s love of life was infectious.

She was the sweetest, most loving and empathetic child any parent could dream of. A true Glass-Full kind of person, when the “5-minute warning” was announced for dinner—amid the rumble from the other children— Emma would proclaim, “Sweet! we got 5 minutes; lets go find some acorns.”

Emma loved acorns — and pretty much anything else one could find in nature — leaves, worms and, (gasp) even wood lice. She kept nature collections, initially limited to the screened-in porch, then eventually to the playroom and Emma’s bedroom (yes, even the worms and wood lice). When Emma sensed mom and dad’s stress over the dirt that had made its way onto her light-pink bedroom carpet, she presented a list of ways she could help around the house to lighten the burden.

Thanks to the pandemic, Emma’s love for nature grew even further. Never the child to sit in front of an electronic device or television, the decision to pull her from the school system was easy. Emma spent mornings doing Foundations, reading, hiking, exploring, journaling and learning math. The one-on-one time spent with Emma during this time is something mom and dad will treasure forever. Especially now, given these circumstances… there are no words.

Sarah — Emma’s sister — also benefitted from the extra time with Emma. Whatever Emma was doing, Sarah was included — whether it was playing outside with friends or crafting in the playroom. Emma even taught Sarah phonics and how to spell her name (really!). While the staff at Hertz is amazing, Sarah’s vocabulary is now off the charts, because Emma read her chapter books and educated her on the “trick” word of the day.

Emma and Sarah were Best Sisters. They had a secret handshake dance that involved screaming “Best Sisters Wow” at the end. There is a sign between their two rooms that says “Best Sisters” written by Emma and decorated by Sarah.

Emma spread her love throughout the neighborhood

Leaving handmade cards and bracelets in the mailboxes of friends. Upon being invited to her friends’ 7th birthday party, when asked about a gift, Emma replied, “Don’t worry, Mom, I already took care of it.” Among all the beautifully wrapped and bagged presents, stood out Emma’s gift, wrapped with random cut paper and elements of nature — to which her father Adam exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, did we forget a gift!!???” After the party, when asked about the gift Emma replied, “I made her a necklace with the name of her favorite movie character on it along with a canvas painting.” She was proud of her oddly wrapped gift and carefree of the fact that it wasn’t store-bought. Emma truly marched to the beat of her own drum — sweet, thoughtful, sincere; and however quirky.

A special love for learning

with her keeping a journal of Yiddish words she heard used around the house. When she wanted to learn more, she was given a book called “My First Yiddish Word Book”. She recorded all the words in her journal, but still felt she needed more. She moved up to Conversational Yiddish Quick and Easy. Emma’s love of learning was special.

The fact is, a long list of adjectives and stories about Emma could go on forever, but none of it would do justice for who Emma truly was as a person.

  • No words can be written to express how much Emma is missed, and how much love there is for her.
    Emma, you will not be forgotten. You have taught those who knew you how to live every moment with a sense of Awe.
  • You have taught us how to be your true, authentic self.
  • You have taught us how to find amazement in the smallest of things, like a leaf, an acorn, or the wind, and how those
    things can bring so much joy.
  • Those that knew Emma know what we are talking about, exactly.

Emma’s spirit lives inside of her mom, dad and sister, Sarah, who will carry who you are, forever.

Emma, your beautiful blue eyes, gentle face and soft soul will be with us forever. We miss you and love you so much. Be assured Emma, our home will always welcome your spirit and you will forever be in our hearts no matter what we are doing or where we are.

Emma Dorothy Greenspan we love you always and forever.