The Emma Greenspan Foundation is inspired by Emma’s gentle spirit towards people and nature as well as her love of being active outside with other children.

About Emma

Emma loved to be outside, play in nature, play sports, create stories, and work on crafts. Emma was the kind of child that never wanted to buy a gift for someone, but, rather create something from her crafts, nature, and from her heart. Emma was an empathetic child that always made sure all children felt included.

Our Mission

The mission of the Emma Greenspan Foundation is to mirror Emma’s spirit by creating opportunities for children to be active, healthy, confident and kind individuals. We strive to increase children’s confidence by having local community events that work towards this goal. The Foundation also intends to potentially create scholarships and make donations to organizations, community programs, and projects that mirror the Foundations mission and Emma’s spirit.


The Emma Greenspan Foundation would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for the kindness, support and generosity of all of the race participants, individuals and sponsors who have selflessly donated their time and services to our charitable organization.